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The app Marketplace Order Connector supports and is designed to easily add a shopify connection and import orders from yout account(s) to shopify

With our app you can easily import your orders from into your shopify store. This way you can sell your products on with as little work as possible and you won’t miss out on any customers.

The most important features of the app are
Import your orders into shopify
Sync Track & Trace details to or from
Sync your inventory with

Getting started

Once you installed our order connector app through the app store you will be redirected to the overview page, this is where all your bol orders will show up once you set up your first connection.

Order Overview page

To connect your bol account to our application, please go to the connections page

Click the Add new connection, and select Connection Settings:
‘Prefix’ for easy identification this will be prepended to the order number in your shop for instance BOL- (optional, leave blank if you don’t want this)

prefix example
‘Name’ this name is only for your reference, for instance a lot of merchants have 2 bol connections (NL, BE) and call the connection BOL-NL and BOL-BE
‘ Client ID’ your client ID must be entered.
‘ Secret’ the API key must be entered (click here for more information about requesting api-key).

Once you click save we will try to link all your products from bol and shopify, and you are good to go!

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