Channable Alternative Shopify

If you are looking for a cheaper channable alternative for shopify, to connect to different marketplaces, and handle your orders online, you should try our marketplace connect app for 14 days for free!

In the past few months quite some merchants made the switch, because channable is expensive.

Understandable, because channable allows you to push product data to all marketplaces, and our marketplace connect app only links products that exist on shopify and the marketplace (like amazon, or ebay) through EAN code, or SKU.

But for most shops this is enough, once all your products are listed, you want to focus on importing orders into shopify, and have our app sync track & trace and inventory back to the different marketplaces.

If you want to save hundreds of dollars per month, and don’t need the product publish feature, consider our marketplace connect shopify app for your store as an alternative for channable.

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