Connect Amazon To Shopify

If you want to handle all your amazon orders through shopify, and connect amazon shopify, you can use our app Marketplace Order Connector

To connect Amazon and shopify with our Marketplace Order Connector shopify app, go to the settings page in the app and choose “Add Connection”.

Step 1 – Add the connection

Click add connection and select amazon

Step 2 – Connect to your Amazon account

A modal appears. Select a marketplace you wish to authorize with. If you check the “Auto-detect Marketplaces I’m selling on in the same region” we will add all active marketplaces in the same region automatically after authorization.

After you click “Start Authorization” you will get forwarded to Amazon:

Agree to accept our apps permissions to your amazon account and click confrm

Amazon is now conneced to your shopify store, you will get redirected back to the marketplace connect app in your Shopify store. Your connections will be listed in the connections overview:

We will automatically try to link your Shopify products to the offers in your Amazon account.
Amazon orders will get imported into shopify every 5 minutes if you have enabled autopilot.

In the overview pages you will see incoming orders, and can monitor if everything works as expected.

For an extended settings explanation check out available Marketplace Connect Settings

If you have any questions you can contact us over live chat support or through

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